Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bored and tired, but not.

OK, so I have been trying to write in my journal more; not necessarily to keep a history of my life and events, but writing down my thoughts (or typing them) helps me focus, reflect, prioritize and assess my life.
You know, sometimes there are things that I miss about CA. I mean, in some ways I still consider it my home, but I actually start to miss UT if I'm gone for more than a few days. I will always have fond memories of CA, but there were also things that made me want to leave it and my family and friends. I didn't associate too much with any of the friends I had before and I think my family saw that I wasn't happy in CA; I was kind of in a rut and my life was stagnant. There are so many friends that I have and love in CA. If you are wondering if I'm talking about you or not just know that if I would spend more than an hour with you of my own free will you are my friend and I love you in some way or another.
Wow, sleep hit me pretty quick! I'm hitting the hay. Hey!