Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy past few months!!!

So, these past few months have been crazy! I don't know how many people have found me on here yet and how many of them spy on me by secretly following my blog, so I can't be too personal on here and share all of my dirty, little secrets. It will suffice to say that I am much, much happier than I have been in the last several decades of my life! I have people, friends, that I know love me and accept me and that would make anyone feel special. I once saw a quote that speaks to me- "It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not." Isn't that so great?! I mean, so simple and honest, yet so complex and deep! It was a French guy that said it though, so... But, I digress. Well, really I can't think of anything else to say, so I guess I'm done actually.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I hate being sick! I mean, I don't mind the days off of work, but more than that and I get bored. Not to mention the whole "being sick" part... I slept a lot of the day, watched some T.V. made some food (hotdogs for breakfast because it's fast and I was hungry and ramen for lunch because it is pretty fast too and the broth was warm and good). I wrote some emails and goofed around on Facebook a bit too. Talked to a friend on the phone, oh, and did some laundry because I was wearing my last pair of undies and had to resort to wearing an undershirt because I didn't have any real shirts to wear. Now I have to see what I can find for dinner then be up for a while and then take some NyQuil and go to bed. It will be good to get back to work tomorrow. I feel bad because, like, 8 people called in sick today and so they were way under staffed and way busy. to find food. Toodles!