Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being gay

So, I haven't always felt that being gay was a blessing. In fact, for most of my life I felt it was the worst curse I could be given. That was back when I was still confused and still under the influence of the Mormon church to some extent. Since leaving the church and finding true love, I have become more and more aware that God truly loves me, truly knows me- heart, mind and soul, and that he has a plan for me! I do feel that the LDS church has a lot of positive things about it, but I do not believe that it is "God's church", his one and only true church. I no longer believe that the God that the Mormon church teaches about is necessarily the true nature of God. I think that a lot of my happiness is due to my gaining a knowledge of this fact. I don't think that God made us all different so that someone could tell us that he wants us all to be the same and I don't believe that God makes mistakes. I absolutely believe that he made me the way he intended for me to be! That means that God made me gay and didn't do it by accident and that he wants me to be happy with this knowledge! This is my personal belief and it has made me so much happier than following something I never truly believed in and never felt was right. Thanks all!

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